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We’re so glad you’re here. If you’ve found us you probably have a girl in your life that you love and support. Our goal here is to be an additional source of support, strength and empowerment to you and your GirlNation girl.

The GirlNation movement was founded on a pledge encouraging girls to “Be Your Own Girl.” We developed the pledge as a mantra for girls to
empower themselves and each other. Our mission is to encourage girls to embrace social responsibility and the core values of curiosity, tolerance, loyalty, and confident, independent, decision-making.

We are two moms who have together raised three girls. The concept of GirlNation started when our two youngest girls left for college – two strong and confident young women. In tackling the wreckage of their high school bedrooms and trying to bring some kind of order to their adolescent chaos, we were complaining and comparing notes and found a very common thread to both environments. Both girls had infinite collections of various ephemera with uplifting and encouraging quotes and powerful statements about being authentic, strong and embracing their true selves. These collections were in the form of collages made lovingly by friends, doodles torn out of notebooks or just pages ripped out of magazines and taped to the wall. We truly felt we had found a unique insight into the power of positive messaging in the girls’ day-to-day lives. Armed with this powerful revelation, we felt we needed to share this compelling ideal and create an environment where all girls had the opportunity to benefit from these dynamic declarations and embrace them as their own. So was born, GirlNation.

footsteps-quoteOur goal with this site is to encourage girls to engage with each other in a positive and supportive environment. Each week we will be talking about different issues that are relevant to girls. In addition, the site will also have DIY projects, artwork downloads, humor, contests, quizzes and giveaways. In order to participate on the site, each girl will need to create a login. Once they have submitted their login information an email will be sent to a parent or guardian. The girls will not be allowed to comment on the forums or download any content from the site without the permission of an adult. There is no cost to become a member of the site.

We want to ensure that the GirlNation site is a fun and safe place for your child to participate. All comments that are posted by girls will be held for moderation before they appear on the site. If comments submitted to the site are in any way bullying or contain offensive language, the comment will be deleted and the submitting member may lose their membership in the site.

We will also have a section of the site for parents. This will include articles of interest to parents of tween/teen girls, book reviews, and guest blog posts. Adults are allowed to comment on posts without a membership. We are hoping that this will be a forum to learn, share experiences and advice.

Thank you for your interest in GirlNation. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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