I Stand United With Girls

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I Stand United with Girls

Standing united with girls – all girls – is a huge part of GirlNation. There’s nothing better than knowing you have people on your side who are going to stick up for you and support you. At GirlNation we are encouraging girls to not just stand up for their friends but also to stand up for all girls around the world who want to be strong, independent and powerful.

Girls are a powerful, powerful force. When we stand together we have the potential to change the world. Seriously!

Did you know that in some places in the world:

  • girls are not allowed to get an education.
  • women are not allowed to work or to have a position in government.
  • women are not allowed to vote

Did you also know that all over the world:

  • when girls and women are educated, the wealth of entire towns and villages goes up – sometimes by a lot!
  • when women are in power in government there is more cooperation and less war.
  • women only got the right to vote by STANDING TOGETHER in protest to fight for that right.

GN-NewGirl-empowerWhen girls and women stand united we are capable of making important and powerful changes. Together we are a strong (and loud) voice that can make huge and positive changes in our world.

What do you think is the most important thing girls should stand together for? We want to know!

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