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I Stand Up For What I Believe In

Believe in Yourself, Stand Up For Yourself

When you’re working on a group project at school and it seems like the rest of the group wants to do one thing and you don’t agree, what do you do? When you’re hanging out with one group of friends and they start to trash another friend, do you feel comfortable standing up for your friend? Standing up for your ideas and the people who are important to you can seem like a very scary thing when you are faced with people who don’t feel the same way.

It seems so easy for some people to voice an opinion that is different from a group or to speak up for themselves or someone else when they feel like something is unfair. But, for many of us, it’s sometimes really hard. A lot of times it’s hard because when we were little kids we were told to “be nice”, “share” and “be polite”. And sometimes it feels like disagreeing is not nice or polite. Sadly, it seems like girls are sometimes expected to not speak up and to go along and to keep the peace.

stand-outReally though, it is not mean, rude, impolite, disrespectful or any other thing you can think of, to respectfully stand up for yourself and your different opinion. Standing up for yourself, asserting yourself or defending yourself is definitely something you can learn if it doesn’t come easily to you.

Here is Our Girl’s Guide to Standing Up For Your Self

  • Say exactly what you disagree with and why
  • Say it calmly and without anger or sass
  • Don’t get personal and use put downs like “stupid” or “ lame”
  • Be prepared to defend your opinion
  • Show confidence – even if you have butterflies in your stomach
  • Understand that not everyone will agree – and that’s okay

To prepare yourself, there are a couple of things that you can try: first try role-playing the situation with your parents, a sibling or a good friend. It may feel funny at first but it is a great way to practice. Second, think about a character in a movie that you really admire because of her strength and confidence. Imagine how she would handle this situation and use that as inspiration and to build your confidence.

Standing up for yourself takes confidence and nobody learns confidence in a day. It can feel risky and risks can be scary – but they can also be exciting! Each time you assert yourself it will make the next time much easier.  Soon asserting yourself and speaking your mind will be something that just comes naturally.

Believe that change can begin with you. While it’s important to understand that not everyone will agree with you, also realize that you may not be alone. It’s very possible that someone has your same opinion but is not comfortable speaking up. You may give them the chance to find their voice and they can learn from your example. Have faith in your ideas and stand up for what you believe in. What you have to say is important whether people agree with you or not.

Can you share some situations where you wanted to stand up or did stand up for what you believed? We want to hear how you felt? Was it scary, exciting or meh? Let’s talk about it.

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