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Want to Know the Key to Being REALLY Good at Something?

STOP Practicing What You’re Already Good At!!!

This sounds crazy but it’s actually true. This week we’re talking about comfort zone. Comfort zone is like your “sweet spot,” it’s that place where whatever you do feels familiar or even easy.   The comfort zone is a great place to be unless you really want to be smarter, more skilled, more creative and more confident.

You’ve probably heard a lot (even here at GirlNation) about taking risks and going outside your comfort zone and how that can make you feel more confident. But why?

When we continue to do things that we already know or that we are already good at we don’t feel a need to push ourselves further. In fact, we’re actually a little afraid to – I mean- how would it look to mess up at something “everyone” already knows we’re so good at. That would be so embarrassing.IG.comfortZone05.02.16

But think about when you are learning something new. You usually don’t expect yourself to be great the first time you try something. There’s little risk. If you mess up it’s okay, you’re just learning. But if you practice and you get really good at something new, how GREAT does that feel? That awesome feeling of accomplishing something you didn’t think you could, is CONFIDENCE.

The other part of being REALLY good at something? Not telling yourself that you can’t. If you keep telling yourself that you aren’t good in math, you probably won’t be. It’s almost like letting your mind put up a wall. But, if you believe that you can get better and it’s important to you to do it, you will put in the practice and you will get better.

Reality Check: This process does not work for superpowers. Even if you believe you can fly, really want to fly and practice very hard, you will not be able to fly. Sorry to sound like a downer but we have to keep it real.

If you want to be a great artist and you are great at drawing flowers, you will not become a great artist if you just keep drawing flowers. If you want to be a great artist, start trying to draw…puppies maybe. It may be really hard at first but if you work hard and it is important to you, you will get better and better. You will have much more confidence that you are on your way to becoming a great artist.

Do you want to become a great writer?   If you write killer short stories, try writing poems. Have fun with it and know that with practice you will be a great poet too. It may feel uncomfortable at first but you will be working your way to becoming a great writer.

It is always fun to do things that we’re good at and that come easily. Enjoy those things that you rock at but don’t get too comfortable with them. Rocking something new, will turn out to be even more fun!

What are you great at? Can you think of a way that you could become even better?

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