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Powder Puff Football, Not for these girls

Powder-Puff? Not For These Girls!

Meet Marlo Mosely!  Marlo Mosely is an 11 year old girl who was picked as the NFL’s Play60 SuperKid. As the contest winner, Marlo had the amazing opportunity to go to the Super Bowl, interview players, attend practices and, this year, bring out the ball at the beginning of the game. For a kid who loves football, this would was a dream come true.

Marlo is not just any avid football fan, she is the star wide receiver on her South Valley Grizzlies team. Marlo’s team is not a powder-puff or even a girl’s touch football team, she plays tackle football on an all boys’ team – well, except for her.

glass slippersWhen interviewed about her week at the Super Bowl, she said that her goal was to one-day play in the NFL. Hey, the NFL just hired the first female head coach so can a female player be far behind? Can girls compete at the same level as boys in a physical game like football?

Marlo is not the first girl to play on a traditional boys football team. There are currently 1,600 girls in the United States that play high school football! These girls are not just sitting on the bench either: Riley Fox is a star kicker on her high school team and the first girl to ever play  in her school district, Erin DeMeglio (another first timer in her state’s history) was a starting quarterback on her school’s team and Lisa Spangler was a starting linebacker for her team. Do they play like girls? Yes, girls that won out over the boys for starting positions on their teams!

So, is the world ready for that first female NFL player? In an online debate about girls playing football, 87% of people feel girls should be able to play. Some people argue that football is too dangerous for girls.  But really, the number of injuries suffered by cheerleaders is much higher than football injuries. Wow!

To all the girls who are working to change the face of all sports – Thanks for showing everyone what it is like to be your own girl!!

What do you think of girls playing football? What sports do you play that are not usually played by girls. We would love to hear about it!

Now, go out there get active and play like a girl – lol. Watch this video first!

You can hear more about Marlo’s awesome Super Bowl experience here.

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