How Imagination Shapes Your Future

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You’re imagining things!

Has anyone ever told you that you are imagining things? Well, from now on you can just proudly say, “Yes I am!”

So does that mean that daydreaming is a good thing to do? In a way, yes! Exercising your imagination is really important. When you let your imagination run wild it actually helps to make you smarter, be a better problem solver and is good for your social life too!! Taking time to let your imagination wander allows your brain to figure out new ways to solve problems and improves your creativity.

You know what comes from being creative, a good problem solver and a person who is comfortable socially? Confidence!!!

Think about it, there is nothing that a confident, creative, problem solver can’t do.

imagination-graphicImagination has given us every great invention – ever. Your grandparents could never have imagined a world where people carried around cordless, music playing, Internet surfing telephones. Heck, they couldn’t even imagine the Internet. But someone imagined it. What would our lives be like if Steve Jobs had been discouraged from using his imagination?

The next time you find your mind wandering, take the time to just listen to your brain and let your imagination go wild. You will be amazed at the ideas you have. These are the ideas that will shape your future. If you use your imagination, there is nothing you can’t do.

Tell us about a time you used your imagination to find a new solution to a problem or come up with a new idea. Have you ever been called a Daydreamer? How do you feel about that now?

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