Mother’s Day Came Early For Me This Year

screen shotMy daughter sent me this text out of the blue. And yes, my initial reaction was, “omg, something must be wrong!” I called her to make sure everything was ok and other than being sleep deprived, like most college students, she was fine but disturbed over a post on social media blatantly degrading women.

After having peace of mind that everything was okay, I took a moment to reflect on the words my daughter so quickly texted me and realized that she had just sent me a beautiful gift! No Hallmark card, no pretty wrapping paper, but a beautiful affirmation that all of those years telling her to be strong, authentic, take pride in herself, exercise her independence and to “Be Your Own Girl” had not fallen on deaf ears!

With this Mother’s Day approaching, I just wanted all the moms in my life to know that their words, their support and their love for their daughters do not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Even if it may not be until they are in college before you hear it… And daughters, this Sunday please tell your mom how much you love and appreciate her and how her words and her example have helped you to be the amazing person you are. Those words are more beautiful than any gift you could wrap up or any card you could buy at the card shop.

Happy Mother’s Day. Have a beautiful weekend!


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