I Am Beautiful for My Strength

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I Am Beautiful for My Strength

“Strength of Spirit”…huh? Well, strength of spirit is really another way of saying strength of character…and again, huh?

Character is one of those words that we hear all the time: “Character Counts” “Be a person of Character” I’m sure there are signs all over your school about the importance of “character.” The thing about character is you kind of , sort of get it in your head but it is a hard thing to explain. And if you can’t explain it, how do you know that you’re building it?!

Character is something that you are building everyday, whether you know it or not.

How do you live your life…when no one is watching?

That’s pretty much it. Character is the way you act and the decisions you make, when know one is there to praise you or punish you. Right now, at this time in your life, is the time when you are creating your character. Gone are the days when Mom and Dad watched over your playdates and told you to be nice, share your toys and remember to say please and thank you. You’re out on your own much more now. It’s up to you to choose if you’re going to play nice and remember to say please and thank you. Yikes!

good-characterposterSometimes it is so hard to make the right choices, do the right thing – especially when the people around you may not be. So many times, doing the right thing take courage. Courage to go against what your friends are doing or stand up for something or someone that isn’t popular. Remember, courage is not not being scared, it’s doing something even though it’s scary.

So why in the world do you have this responsibility now? Why can’t you deal with all of this when you’re grown up? Well, right now, when you’re just starting to be a more independent person, you still have lots of help from the people around you who love you and support you. Because character is something you are working on every day, some days will be better than others. That’s okay. The good thing is, you still have parents, teachers and friends to help you when building good character is scary.

Tell us about what you think character is. Was there a time you stood up for something even if it was scary to do it? Tell us about it.

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