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Even One Small Voice Can Impact Our World

We’re not surprising anyone by saying that the world is a very big place.  It’s easy to think that we are so small that we don’t have the power to make a difference in the world.  We want to tell you three stories about three girls who used their voice to save something, change something or bring awareness to issues that were important to them.  We hope the stories of these smart, strong and outspoken girls will inspire you to use your voice to make your impact on the world.  ONE girl can make a difference!!!

Mikaila Ulmer: A social entrepreneur, bee ambassador, educator and student.

Mikaela was trying to think of an idea for an entrepreneurial project at school when she was stung by, not just one but, two bees.  After she was stung she was (quite naturally) afraid of bees and wanted nothing to do with them.  Her parents wanted to help her get over her fear and encouraged her to do some research on bees to see if they wouldn’t seem so scary if she knew a little more about them.  Mikaela learned that the bee population in the world was declining and that bees played a really important role in our environment.

For her school project, Mikaela started a lemonade stand where she used her grandmother’s lemonade recipe that included HONEY!  She would set up her stand at school events, farmer’s markets and fairs. She used her lemonade stand and the money she raised from her sales to help raise awareness about the importance of bees and how they needed to be saved.  Her lemonade stand was such a huge success that she went on the show Shark Tank and now has her own brand of bottled lemonade that is for sale at grocery stores.  The profits from the sale of her lemonade goes to organizations dedicated to saving our bee population.

Here’s an interview with Mikaela on Good Morning America where she talks about bees and her business: Me and The Bees Lemonade.

IMG_1134-1Jules Spector, Teen Feminist Blogger

At 13 Years old Jules Spector started her own GirlUp Chapter at her school and started writing her own blog.  Jules put a spotlight on the unfairness that many girls face in terms getting an education and being treated equally.  She continues to  blog about lots of important issues that matter to teen girls around the world.

Because of her honest and outspoken voice, Buzzfeed named her one of 7 Teen Girls Who Are Changing the World. New Moon Girls Magazine also named her Girl of the Year. Recently, Jules used her blog and her birthday to raise money to help girls in developing countries go to school.

If you want to know more about GirlUp you can find out here.  You can also check out Jules’ blog here.

Mari Copeny – “Little Miss Flint”

In the last few months there has been a lot of discussion about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.  This is the town where the local government tried to save money by changing the water source that supplied water to the town of Flint.  The new water contained lead and tons of other chemicals that made the people in the town, especially the children, very sick.  The people in the town were very frustrated because no one would listen to them that the water was making them sick.  It took a long time for people in the government to recognize the problem and try to fix it.

IMG_0116Because the water was so bad, it did lots of damage to the pipes in the town. The water  pipes continue to make people sick because they are so contaminated from the bad water.  Mari Copeny, an eight year old girl who lives in Flint, had had enough and decided that she would write a letter to President Obama and ask him to help the people in her town.  Her mom told her that the President was very busy and would probably not have time to answer her letter.  Guess what?!  President Obama did reply to her letter and told her that he was coming to Flint to look into the water crisis and see what he could do to help.

This one 8 year old girl used her voice to ask the President of the United States for help – and he listened!!

Still think you can’t make a difference?????

Tell us how you can or have made a difference.  We’ll interview you for a future blog post on GirlNation!

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