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I Am Generous and Kind

Generous and Kind…

At first it seemed like these two words were two very different things. After thinking about it though, each word kind of describes the same actions. BUT for them to be the same we need to think about generosity in its truest form: a generosity that comes from a real spirit of giving of yourself. A lot of times we think of generosity as giving away money or things. While this can be generous, sometimes the spirit behind it doesn’t come from real caring and desire to help.

Generosity, in its truest meaning, is giving of yourself. Giving time and talents to your school or a charity, sharing your knowledge with someone who needs help with homework or giving attention to a friend who needs someone to listen. Kindness is what comes from this type of generosity.

Kindness is about showing people respect and making them feel important no matter who they are.

We all want to be nice and respectful to our friends and family. But more importantly, we need to be generous to, kind to and respectful of ourselves. These are exactly the things we should expect for ourselves. The kindest thing you can do for yourself is respect yourself. When you do, not only will others respect you but it also makes it easy for you to show generosity and kindness to others.

Can you tell us some ways you have shown generosity and kindness to yourself or other people? It can be so simple and doesn’t have to cost a thing. A compliment, a helping hand or a few kind words are all it takes.generosity-image

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