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Make This Cool Phone Charger Decal – Quick and Easy!

Every time a phone charger goes missing in our house there is a mad scramble where everyone grabs the ones that are there and says, “this one’s mine!”  Here is a fun and easy way to always know which charger belongs to you and make sure yours doesn’t end up in the wrong hands… 😉

DIY Charger Craft ImageThis is a quick and easy project that doesn’t require a lot of supplies or epic crafting skills.  The two biggest things you need are sticker paper (available at any craft or office store) and a printer.  We have included a template HERE that includes some GirlNation patterns as well as one you can create yourself.  With all of these designs you can personalize your own, your mom’s and a few friends’!  You can download the template HERE.

To start, here are the supplies you will need:  craft sticker paper (we used Avery 4383), scissors or a craft knife, a ruler and cutting mat; and, of course, your charger.  Before you start, you may want to be sure that your charger parts are clean: no grease and gunk.  If you clean the plastic parts with a cotton ball and a little bit of rubbing alcohol, the sticker paper will stick better.

DIY Charger Craft ImageGather your supplies, grab a friend, put on some music and let’s get started.  The next thing you will want to do is print out our cool GN templates on your sticker paper.  Oh yeah, did I tell you, you can download the template HERE.

After you have chosen which design you want to use, grab your scissors or cutting mat and cut out the three pieces that you need to cover the electrical plug, USB plug and phone plug thingy.  DIY Charger Craft Image

DIY Charger Craft ImageMake sure you cut on the inside black line, then you will know that even if the cut isn’t straight you won’t have those annoying white lines on the edges.

Once all the pieces are cut out.  Place the charger pieces on  a flat surface.  I started with the smallest pieces because they are the easiest to wrap.  Center the sticker paper over one side of the charger piece and them flip it over and wrap it tightly around the other side. Repeat this for all there plastic ends

Hint:  If you want to make sure that the wrapped ends are on the same side, plug the USB end into the plug end and check which side will be the wrap side for both.  LOL, call me picky!DIY Charger Craft Image

Here are a couple more images – not that you need them..

DIY Charger Craft Image

Okay, full truth.  My sticker paper was a little stiffer than regular paper so it kept unsticking on the smaller pieces.  I took a piece of shiny scotch tape and wrapped it over the sticker paper and, not only did it hold the sticker paper on great, it added a nice shine  to the wrap.  If you don’t have sticker paper, you can also use washi tape cut to the size of our template.  OR you could also print out the templates on regular printer paper and use double stick tape to stick the design to the charger.

You’ll never get your charger mixed up again!!

Snap a picture of your project and share it with us on Facebook or Instagram – @aGirlNation #GNDIY

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

DIY Charger Craft Image


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