Blushing: A Quiz


Some Fun Facts About Blushing

Even though it may seem embarrassing, everybody blushes.  What does blushing say about us and why does it happen?  Take our fun quiz to find out!

No Worries for the Rest of Your Days?


Worry Doll, No Worries


No worries for the rest of your days…where do we sign up?

A life without worry really does sound like a wonderful thing but is it realistic? Believe it or not, it could be possible. But the truth is, we all have times when we worry.   We worry about doing well on a test, we worry about fights with friends, we worry about making the team and we worry about being liked. And that’s just at the top of the list. Unfortunately, we can find lots and lots of things to worry about.

So how on earth can it be possible to live a life without worries? Well, it’s not easy but it may help to learn a little bit about worrying and learn some strategies for conquering it. A lot of times the words fear and worry are used the same way. “I                   that I will trip over my backpack when I walk up to my teacher’s desk.” Fear or worry fits, right? Not when you understand the difference between the two.

worry-girlWorry is something we do to ourselves, it’s voluntary we can choose to worry or not to worry. Fear, though, is involuntary. We have no control over it. Fear is a reaction, an instinct. Worry is something that we feel when we are anticipating something. We feel fear when there is something happening to us right hear and right now. Now can you see how that sentence doesn’t make sense when you put fear in the blank?