I Am My Own Girl

B.Y.O.G. - Be Your Own Girl

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“I am my own girl” – what does that mean – to be your own girl? This is the first line of a pledge that GirlNation is based on. Figuring out what it means is exactly what this whole site is about! Together we hope to define what being your own girl means to you.

Download a printable copy here.

This site is dedicated to helping you become a strong, confident, independent girl. A girl who thinks for herself and stands up for herself and what she believes. Together with other girls, we will build a sisterhood that is based on respect and a desire to celebrate each other’s strength and successes.
We want GirlNation to be a fun and inspiring community. Through quizzes, project downloads, contests and fun projects, we want this to be a safe and welcoming place, for all girls, to share thoughts and dreams and to strengthen your ability to be your own girl.

We’re just starting out but we will be adding fresh, new info and activities each week. We also want to hear from you. This is your community so we want your feedback! You can join this sisterhood here and on Facebook and Instagram. We’re so glad you found us.

Let’s get started!

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Powder-Puff Football – Not For These Girls!

B.Y.O.G. - Be Your Own Girl

Powder Puff Football, Not for these girls

Powder-Puff? Not For These Girls!

Meet Marlo Mosely!  Marlo Mosely is an 11 year old girl who was picked as the NFL’s Play60 SuperKid. As the contest winner, Marlo had the amazing opportunity to go to the Super Bowl, interview players, attend practices and, this year, bring out the ball at the beginning of the game. For a kid who loves football, this would was a dream come true.


I Am Beautiful for My Strength

B.Y.O.G. - Be Your Own Girl

I Am Beautiful for My Strength

“Strength of Spirit”…huh? Well, strength of spirit is really another way of saying strength of character…and again, huh?

Character is one of those words that we hear all the time: “Character Counts” “Be a person of Character” I’m sure there are signs all over your school about the importance of “character.” The thing about character is you kind of , sort of get it in your head but it is a hard thing to explain. And if you can’t explain it, how do you know that you’re building it?!

Character is something that you are building everyday, whether you know it or not.

How do you live your life…when no one is watching?



B.Y.O.G. - Be Your Own Girl

I Don't Pretend to Be Anyone Else

Do you remember when you were little, a lot of the time you were playing you were pretending to be someone else? You may have played house where you were the mommy or school where you were the teacher or played airplane where you were the flight attendant… well you get the picture. As crazy as it sounds, all of this pretending was helping you to figure out who you were going to be. Not what you wanted to do, but who you were going to be! Isn’t it funny that pretending to be someone else was helping you to NOT pretend to be anyone else in the future? Makes your head spin, right?!



B.Y.O.G. - Be Your Own Girl

I Am Generous and Kind

Generous and Kind…

At first it seemed like these two words were two very different things. After thinking about it though, each word kind of describes the same actions. BUT for them to be the same we need to think about generosity in its truest form: a generosity that comes from a real spirit of giving of yourself. A lot of times we think of generosity as giving away money or things. While this can be generous, sometimes the spirit behind it doesn’t come from real caring and desire to help.

Generosity, in its truest meaning, is giving of yourself. Giving time and talents to your school or a charity, sharing your knowledge with someone who needs help with homework or giving attention to a friend who needs someone to listen. Kindness is what comes from this type of generosity.

Kindness is about showing people respect and making them feel important no matter who they are.