Camouflaging – NOT the Latest Fashion Trend!

B.Y.O.G. - Be Your Own Girl

Have you heard about camouflaging?

No, it’s not the latest make up trick or the greatest dance since the Dougie. It’s a really common and sad trick that we play on ourselves. Camouflaging is when we change the way we look or act just to fit in with everyone else and not stand out as the beautiful, unique girls that we really are. Chameleons, the lizards, do this to survive. In a world that sometimes seems that it wants us all to be the same, I guess we camouflage for the same reason – to survive.

But we are different from lizards and we don’t need to blend in to survive. Blending in only makes us average – and who strives to be just average? The sad part about camouflaging is that when you start hiding who you really are from the people around you, you end up hiding your true self from the most important person: YOURSELF.IG.NOtoCAMO06.01.16

People that research the camouflaging phenomenon (and yes it is considered a phenomenon) call it “The Thirty Year Power Outage.” Why? Because they estimate that once a girl starts camouflaging, usually at around 9 or 10, she will likely continue to do it for another 30 years. 30 years!!! That means that until you are about 40 you will be living the life that someone else has created for you.  It means giving away the Power over your own life for 30 years.

Think of all of the huge decisions you will make between 10 and 40. What job do you want to do, who your friends will be, where you will live, who you may marry – the list goes on and on. Who wants to wake up when they’re 40 and realize that many of the decisions that they have made in their life have been to please someone else? Think about looking back over thirty years and realizing that you spent that time living someone else’s dream!

It takes confidence and guts to resist camouflaging. It takes being aware of the times when you find yourself camouflaging, to actually resist “camouflaging”. Now that you know that trying to fit in by hiding your true self can change the next 30 years of your life, is camouflaging worth it? Be good to your future 40 year old self (Yikes!). Be strong, be different. Be your beautiful, amazing, original, magnificent self!

Say No to Camo!!


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